Corporate Fascism!



The USA:
A Politically Ruled1 Government
That Has Forgotten Its People!

� ...An elective despotism was not the government,
we fought for... �

Thomas Jefferson

[This week, President Trump attacked a Syrian Government airbase in retaliation for chemical weapon use against an Al-Qaeda hospital in Syria2. It seems that our government is now supportting terrorists, instead of the people trying to keep order in a country going into chaos � here we go again, another war for nothing! Not only that, but the media (the New York Times)3, brands those pointing this out as �far- right�, NAZI types, no less! This is another example of the real �NAZIs�, in action, against our country's people � the Corporatist's Military-Oil-Industrial Complex (including the so-called �FREE� Press) destroying world order for their benefit!

The transformation that the economy has caused in Democracy, is a travesty of all the freedoms that Democracy was suppose to give its peoples. Piratical racketeering has become the new way freedom is expressed in this Democracy of legitimate extortion and monetary superiority � �of, by and for the people� is now, �of, by and for those, who can pay the price!� So, has monarchy ever really left us? America has become the new Carthage, see below... ]

No, this country isn't about groups called parties, or their ideologies; it's not even about economics or wealth management. It was suppose to be about its citizens; and making sure, they all found the same sustenance: �life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness�. Yes, that's what this country was founded to do; in fact, that is what any country is founded to do, today � take care of all its people! The agency that assumes this burden is government. Government solves the needs of its peoples (its citizens) by using a portion of their resources � their work � to benefit the whole. But, this goes against the grain of the Capitalist economy, which works only for the profits, it can make for itself. Thus, government, instead of benefiting its people, became a burden to them, through conforming to economics, and not seeing this �people working for themselves� as the mainstay of the concept of country. Sure, what government does, and the people, who work for government, have to be paid for their work, but that does not mean literally paying them through taking so much from each citizen's pocket! That would mean that we must pay for our own labor (the labor of the group of all citizens) � and, that's why the concept of taxation is so ridiculous!

If we go back to where this idea first began, back to the long lost state of Carthage, where the state was governed by a group of wealthy �trading families� (read �corporations�), we see where this tyrannical practice originated. These families viewed the whole populous as their subjects; subjects, who paid for the government that these families gave them. This idea carried on into the later monarchies around the world � the people were not really citizens, but vassals to that government � and, the people paid for the privilege of their governance.

But, Democracy became, supposedly, a government of ALL the people. So, the people (the citizens) working for government, were actually working for themselves. To fit this into the Capitalist market environment, those workers had to be payed; but the money to pay them should not come from the rest of the citizens, as taxes, but should be created by government (printed), since this payment is only a necessity, needed to allow the workers to get a reimbursement, according to market practice.

Here, we also see how Corporatism became entwined with Fascist tyrannical ideas. The trading families ruled Carthage � in other words, a wealthy elite ruled. They were the beginnings of the Corporatism, Fascism later endorsed; an elite group, who ruled, because of wealth. Government was a way to keep the wealthy rulers, wealthy � and, the citizens were only the source of labor and wealth to do this; not the ones benefiting.

When President Eisenhower warned us of the Military Industrial Complex, he was warning us of this very same Fascist Corporatism that threatens us even more in today's world, where a rich elite can, and have, warped government into their mechanism of keeping this elite wealthy enough to rule a people, who believe, they rule themselves. They do this through needless wars � as in the Middle East4, where the leadership vacuum that our wars created there, allowed fanatical organizations like Al-Qaeda and ISIS to rise up there, and cause even more wars and chaos. Also, this elite now even pick the candidates that run for office, as the recent Presidential election showed through the parties and the Electoral College's overthrow of majority rule5. They also use the institution of taxation to throw all the burden of government back on the people; and through government debt and borrowing, pay themselves even more! Finally, the supposed limited wealth of government allows them to divide and obfuscate the people's ideas on what government is, with political ideologies; in turn, making government unable to solve all its people's problems, because of financial austerity.

The recent vote in Congress to allow these corporations to buy and sell private personal data6, stolen on the internet from citizens, now confirms that our government is now the creature of the corporations, not the people of this country! The economy exists to allow all in this country to prosper; instead, it has now become the tool of the elite to live off the workers. The �subscription society� has strangled us with constantly paying for all that we own � negating the very first principal of Capitalism, itself � private property!

We have gone back to the days of Carthage, and its Fascist Corporatist monarchy � all in the name of Democracy! We are not even consumers any more; but commodities bought and sold, by our Corporatist owners!

This is what �of, by and for the people� means today.

The Liberty Tree has fallen, in the name of a Liberty, which is really a Monarchya monarchy based on wealth!

So, Jefferson's words, again have relevance, today, in a Democracy that has lost its real �freedom�, and replaced it with a tyrannical bought freedom:

� ...An elective despotism was not the government,
we fought for... �


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1 Politics and its ideologies are about the ideas of limited government, and its management � but why does a government, of, by and for its own people, have to be limited? The limitations are caused by government being controlled by the economy, instead of government controlling the economy. Liberty is not limitation, but largesswith responsibility toward ALL others � especially, when ALL actually are ALL, instead of a FEW, who think they are ALL, through their control of government!

2 See: �US launches strike on Syria air base after chemical ...�. Also see: "News about Chemical Attack On al-Qaeda Hospital", by

3 See: "Trump�s Far-Right Supporters Turn on Him Over Syria Strike"; By Matthew Haag - The New York Times - Friday, April 7, 2017.

4 The Middle East is a hot bed of Religious fanaticism; therefore, it needs strong leaders to keep peace. Assad is just what they need there, pro-Western and strong enough to keep the peace there. Ultimately, it is the people who will determine their own fates; but religion is the ultimate problem there. If Assad leaves there, another religious group will get in, and cause another vaccuum, which will only cause more chaos and more wars.

5 No, President Trump was not elected by a �Populist movement�, but by the money of the rich elite, who "bought" him the office � that same elite, who now buys and sells us!

6 See: "House Pulls The Plug On Internet Privacy Rules", by Marguerite Reardon - CNET - March, 28,2017.

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Originally Published:

April 7, 2017


April 7, 2017