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Nations That Can't Take Care Of Their Own?

(Private Property That Is No Longer Private!)

�If a nation values anything more than freedom,
it will lose its freedom; and the irony of it is that
if it is comfort or money that it values more,
it will lose that, too.�

Somerset Maugham

"Nothing in this world is as mighty,
as an idea whose time has come.�

Victor Hugo

[We are seeing our economy enter a new phase. The �freedom� that free enterprise gave us, is now creating yet another enigma, like all the others it has created: private property that is no longer private! Yes, this new �private� property is just another freedom that the monopolies have deprived us of, posing as its opposite! Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to the: Subscription Society!

The perpetrators of this society are the buying and selling of debt, and, our old friend, taxes! The result is, what I have entitled this essay above: "Nations That Can't Take Care Of Their Own". Come with me now, as we explore one more facet of the economy that somehow forgot its purpose along the way! Oh, and Democracies that, somehow, only represent the FEW instead of ALL!

Is that what: �Give me liberty or give me death� really meant?]

Illegals; migrants; immigrants; refugees � millions of people, running away from the very same countries that they themselves built, to protect and save them? Families afraid of people of their own Nationalities � people they call brothers / sisters; people that speak their own language, and worship their same Gods? Just like the Middle East and its Semitic peoples, who for 3000 years have been slaughtering each other, because of religions � and continue this, even more vehemently, in this modern age!*

Yet, here we are, in the beginning of the Twenty-first century, the age of super-fast communication and wondrous �technology�, doing the very same things that have been happening for the last 3000 years; and with greater efficiency and even more conviction! Well, there is something wrong! Why can't we fix it? Better yet, let's avoid that seemingly futile �why�, and focus on the how�How do we fix it?� Or, should we be saying can we fix it? But, of course we can � what we create, we can fix! Yes, it is that simple � so, how come we haven't fixed it?

First of all we should examine some reasons, why, people grouped themselves together, into those things that we, today, call �Nations�. Actually, the first Nations formed around people who shared something in common � family; beliefs; language; ethnicity, �Gods� � all those things that people, today, build prejudices around! Yes, the very things that were suppose to bring those people together are, in fact, today, estranging them from one another (see the note about the Middle East, above). Oh, and we also forgot one most essential thing, probably the most essential thing � survival! Yes, and today, in a world where abundance seems to flourish, at least nominally, survival seems to be something that Nations have totally forgotten about, because of an economic system that, even in abundance, forgets its main mission � to keep society alive!

Yes, prejudices may at first build Nations, but it is survival that keeps them alive. And, today, at least, it seems that no matter how acute those prejudices are, it is really all about survival, when it comes to staying alive!

But, here's the tricky part: those Nations were built for that very same reason: to keep those people, with all those same prejudices, alive and well, and even helping each other survive!

This seems to be the enigma of our times; an economy that was created to help all its people survive, yet is actually getting in the way of that survival! An enigma; a paradox? No � just a very simple, STUPIDITY!

Something called BRAINS, that seem to be readily available to all the HUMANS in this world, seem to be in short supply today, especially, when it comes to providing solutions to that same problem that they should all be most concerned with � survival! Yes, provide survival � that is what those Nations were created to do! Yet, somehow, they are today finding the wrong solutions to this problem � getting rid of all the people who can't survive � in other words, shifting their problems to other people, those same �others�, who they have prejudices against, yet are suppose to support their people!1

Yes, that is what the economy of extortion, does best today � foist the problems, less the profit, on to somebody else! That is what the �free� enterprise of living off the labor of others does best. But, then, we would not have the billionaires, and the monopolies that expect all the inhabitants of the earth to pay them a monthly subscription fee, for the rest of their lives � to pay for cars, houses, health care, heating, air conditioning, water, computers, videos � living, and even dying � everything a human does, all, for a monthly fee! And, that is exactly, where this wonderful economy, built on �private property� is leading us: into a �subscription society�, where �private property� will essentially disappear!

But let's get back to that problem of survival. There was one thing that we always knew about free enterprise: it always comes up short!2 Yes, that's why we created governments; after all, if the economy kept us all going, without a hitch, we wouldn't need that thing called government! Government was suppose to fill in the void that free enterprise failed at filling: those �public� things that belonged to all of us, so we all shared the responsibility and up keep for; like, roads and unemployment and public health, etc. Government made up the deficit, so to speak, that the economy failed to fulfill. That was the whole purpose of government, and the specific Nation it supported. But, as usual, that �freedom� in free enterprise got in the way. An economy, where everything was bought and sold, could also buy government! And, a bought government, no longer took care of its people, but instead took care of its buyers! For those buyers, were, the ones that got them elected by buying, in turn, that �choice� that democratic Nations touted so loudly! Yes, Democracy became, instead, a type of Tyranny, hiding inside a �free� enterprise! But it gets even more sinister! The solution that government found to keep itself, supposedly alive, was instead just another swindle that a bought government said was a solution: taxation!

This swindle was exactly like the swindle the stock markets created, by buying and selling shares in companies. It was all about eliminating the private in �private property�; except, of course, for the FEW, that owned all the really "private" property! The ploy was to make two separate worlds, out of all the Nations of the world. One world, the "Developed World" bought the things made; the other World, the Third World, of the poor countries, the religious Third World created, produced all the products the other world bought. This was accomplished by having a stock market that bought and sold monies! This monetary market essentially controlled the price of human labor, according to geographical location. Thus every country had its own money, and the market controlled the relative values of these monies between themselves. Thus human labor's value was controlled, and monopolies could obtain the needed profits by merely creating �value� when needed. But let's get back to taxes, the biggest lie ever perpetrated on the human race!

As I said before, taxes were perpetrated very early on, by tyrannies that wanted a foolproof way to pay for the armies that kept them in power. They �taxed� the peoples they conquered. Simple, efficient and foolproof � very simply: "live off those that you stepped on!" Yes, that's how that way of �paying� for a government that you don't need to pay for, got started!

But, let me now illustrate the very simple idea that taxes perverted into its opposite:

Pick up something heavy, and move it to the other end of the room � go ahead, do it � us old people just felt a creek in our backs, and experienced a little breathlessness. But anyway, what you just did, was work! That's right, you did work, for yourself! Now that twinge, or breathlessness, you just felt, was the way you paid yourself for that work! The point is, you didn't have to pay anyone, even yourself, for what you just did! So, now, think about government � it is you! It represents you, and all your fellows in the State, or Nation, you live in. When it does something for you, it doesn't need to be paid; or even worse, borrow money from all those rich people, to pay itself for the work it just did for itself, and you. All it has to do is print the money it needs to pay the citizens it just hired to do that work � yes, it is that simple!

So, what we see is that the deeper a country gets into debt, the less capable it is to take care of its people. And, countries get out of debt, not by defaulting, like Greece recently tried, but by borrowing from the rich, at what amounts to exorbitant rates, over time, just like the people today are doing in our ever increasing �subscription society�. So, the result is even our governments are losing the �public� property of their peoples, to the rich and their subscriptions, that are making even public property, essentially theirs!

As I said about the Military-Industrial Complex, President Eisenhower warned us of: Shazam; we have been tricked! So Peoples all over the earth are now migrating and emigrating, because their governments, whose very job was to take care of them, can't afford to do it! Shazam; Presto, Chango, freedom into its opposite; and the �Subscription Society� is born, in the name of �private� property, that isn't �private�!

More �enigmas� that societies' institutions have created for themselves; and, in the name of freedom!

But, there is a way out � and, that answer is not running away; or putting your problems on other people's shoulders! That is what the FEW want us to do! That is how they get ever richer; how their millions become billions, and soon even trillions!

FIX THE PROBLEMS! Do not pay for your own labor! Create a single money worldwide, and get rid of the stock markets, and the Subscription Society they are creating! Debt is not a commodity to be bought and sold, or to be rented out, by "subscriptions". Private property is not only something available to the rich, but to ALL people! Let's start doing this by separating government from the economy; by allowing it to accomplish its primary mission: to keep the ALL, it represents, prospering, instead of just the FEW it now supports, through the ploy of jobs and debt. Government can never create debt, because it represents an unlimited quantity of labor, in the people, who make it up. Every Nation must assume responsibility for ALL its peoples. And, those peoples must make sure that their governments start doing this. If our economy is now global, then we must begin making people see that migrations, and immigrations are not answers, but cop outs; through which, these people cheat not only themselves, but everyone in their Nation, of what they created that Nation to do. Nations must take care of ALL their people, and stop a fraudulent economy from stopping them from doing this, through taxes and debts.

Let's keep private property, PRIVATE, by killing off the �subscription society�, the monopolies have foisted on us; which have used debt and taxes to nullify our governments, and make themselves ever richer on our woes! If the FEW, continue to make the ALL suffer, because of this type of freedom that money and comfort has bought them, then, as Somerset Maugham says above: they �...will lose that too.�


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* The enigma of the Middle East is this very "religiousness" of this whole area; this very same "religiousness" that has brought this area nothing, but hate, viciousness, destruction, division and misery for some three thousand years! The "Gods" of the Middle East seem to be everything, but that "love" all Gods are suppose to exhibit; the very same thing any God should represent! Could it be, that it is not God, but people and their beliefs really causing all the problems?

1 Illegals seem to be vehement on this view today; but, what they conveniently forget is that the very country that they created to support them has thrown them out, by not supporting them. And, they, who still love this country, so much, don't want to go back to it and fix their own problems there! They are, in essence, wanting their enemies to support them instead! Even if they come here and live off us, and yet continue to fly the flag of the very same country, they ran away from! Someone should explain the nature of the word HYPOCRITE to them! But then hypocrisy always has its origin in gain for somebody; and, it's that country, they are leaving, yet identify so much with, who is the winner � and, the country they are coming to, the loser! And, them? They are the fools, because they cannot see that the country they love so much has thrown them to the wind of chance, and cares nothing for them!

I think, we should make some distinctions here, as far as the terms �illegals� and �refugees� go. We, here in the USA, must acknowledge that much of the problems with refugees that the European Union now faces are the result of our interference in the Middle East. We had no right to start wars in the Middle East, which resulted in overthrowing the strong men (dictators) that kept order there. After some twelve years of wars and internal strife there, supposedly to revenge the atrocity of 9/11, we only created a complete vacuum there that we were unable to fill with legitimate rulers. Because of the tribalism, and other culturally oriented situations there, this vacuum was filled by the religious fanatics, who quickly moved in to fill this political void, our wars created; and, consequently, built the religious dictatorship that has caused so many families fleeing the area. It was because of these Military-Industrial Complex incited wars that those families were forced to flee their own countries. Apart from the illegals problem, we now face in our South, which I addressed in the first paragraph above, the motives of the refugees in the European refugee problem is purely one of families seeking survival, because of wars their countries were subjected to by foreign powers. So, we cannot blame these people, as we can the illegals, entering our country, who only come here seeking gain.

The real question, behind all of this is: why, in this time of Capitalism's global hold on the world's economy, are we still seeing all the poverty and misery that is causing so many migrations around the world? Whether illegals, coming across our borders for gain, or refugees, fleeing their war torn countries for survival, these migrations should not be happening, when there are so many individuals on this earth, who own enough to actually own their own countries. There is no valid excuse for this today; and, no valid answer to the further question of why so many countries still cannot provide for their own citizens!

2 I can hear all those people reading this, saying: �WHY? Well, the why is the word �free�! Freedom makes free enterprise forget everybody, but the owner and the private venture, he wants to make successful! So, society's needs come nowhere into the equation. This, more often than not, makes society come up short! But this is not free enterprises' concern � because, that is what that �freedom� means! Capitalism depends on society to keep it alive, yet couldn't give a rat's ass care (to be blunt) about it! That's why we have government; and what seems to be growing even more important today, charities! Both make up for the shortfall that word �freedom� creates! By the way, this clearly shows the difference between the freedom of the FEW, Capitalism supports, and the freedom of the ALL, Democracy supports. It is government's job to keep the former one from destroying the latter one! So far, it hasn't been doing a very good job of it!

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Originally Published:

August 31, 2015


September 8, 2015