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Section IV

SubSection B: The Elimination of Poverty

Survival � That's All!

(The Evolution of "Special Interests" in Society)

"Clean natures coin pure statutes. Let us cleanse
The hearts that beat within us; let us mow
Clear to the roots our falseness and pretense,
Tread down our rank ambitions, overthrow
Our braggart moods of puffed self-consequence,
Plow up our hideous thistles which do grow
Faster than maize in May time, and strike dead
The base infections our low greeds have bred." 1

Richard Realf , "A HOLY NATION"

What is the primary purpose of life? Survival! This is obvious to all. But what makes up survival? Mother Nature, or what we sometimes call fate, is not kind to life. She does not provide it with the necessities it must have to continue existing. It is up to the individual organism to provide these necessities it needs. But life comes in varieties that the biologist calls species. A species is more than just an individual organism; it is all the individuals of that particular kind. Survival for the species includes reproduction, in fact, it is even more important than the individual survival we have just mentioned. So life has provided the higher organisms with ways by which they can make the survival of the species more secure; this newer innovation is called the community or society.

The society provides a way for all the organisms of the group to provide survival, in the higher sense, which includes reproduction, to all the individuals of the group. They all work together to keep all living, and to allow the society to continue through propagation of the young. Survival in a society entails two things, even at the lowest level: cooperation between individuals in producing the necessities of life, and equity in this distribution, so that everyone can receive what�s needed. In the higher organisms, because of the greater period of dependency needed in nurturing the young, smaller intermediate units of survival are created, based on the reproductive unit instead of the individual; this is the family. In most cases the family is now the unit of the society, except for the old where individuals still prevail. At this highest level, the human, society goes one step further; because division of labor becomes important in man, man has created a higher level to keep the societies functioning; this is called government.

Man originally instituted the creation of government to ensure the two aspects of society we mentioned above: the cooperative production and equitable distribution of necessities needed by all in the society. But this was a gradual evolution, not a fait accompli. The original governments that man created were based on leaders, who through force and self-reliance could ensure the survival of society, through the propagation of these needed aspects or principles of society we have mentioned. There was a problem with this though; leaders, as with anyone, had to put the duty of propagation of society before self-interest. In the majority of cases this did not occur. The evolution of government proceeded along the line of least resistance, and therefore, not in concert with the concept of duty to society, but with the ideas of self-interest and �might makes right�. So governments went from leaders, to war lords, to theocracies, to aristocracies, to Kings, to plutocracies and finally to democracies. But the seeming progress made in fostering the universal principles of society, through gradual inclusion of all in society in the governing process was lost somewhere along the way by excluding the production and distribution of goods from government, and letting it proceed along its own course. Again the duty of fostering the society was replaced with self-interest, but instead of �might� or force of arms being the enforcer of this practice, wealth or capital became the enforcer of economic power.

In a way, the evolution of the separation of the economy from government was a deception, for the very same people who held the power in the state, were usually those who held the wealth, and they achieved this through �might� or their power of office.

Thus the rise of the capitalistic system evolved, not through the unselfish duty to foster the tenants of society, but purely through self-interest. The creation and evolution of this system, which was based on self-interest and economic might, became the origin of the fostering of the exact opposite of the principles above stated. This brought about the selfish production of necessities through economic slavery, not cooperation, and the inequitable distribution of necessities: the creation of poverty and all the miseries associated with it. That this system has prevailed in human society to this very day, is indeed an indictment of mankind itself. Its continued sway over all organized religions, which were instituted on principles, which are the exact opposite of these, is also an indictment of the hypocrisy of these institutions. The sole origin and continual prevalence of poverty in today�s societies is, as has been shown above, the continued existence of this economic system.

The stumbling blocks to all equitable and cooperative functions of government in fostering its societies, throughout history, has been and is the control of governments through power and wealth. The continual search by mankind for the concept of Justice is this search for equity and cooperation in government toward all its people. Wealth and power are created and wield their influence through the economy. The economy, as we have shown above, was created to foster the society that created it. Government was originally created to control the economy to foster its society, and ensure the survival of all citizens. The ploy to disassociate the economy from government has been and is the way by which the aims of the individual are fostered over that of the society, and is, when brought to light in this respect, not freedom but tyranny. Capitalism, as it exists today, is a tyranny of the rich.

Unless the people of the world realize that the real power that controls their societies is not in their governments, but in the global economy that has grown out of their control, into a global tyranny, and again bring the power of society to the forefront through the fostering of their governments with laws that demolish such a tyranny, poverty and its misery, war and its propagation, and separation of the people of the world will continue.

The facts I have shown above are clear and obvious to all clear thinking people, yet throughout history they have been clouded out and inconsistently muddled with various befuddlements to obscure the obvious. We are at a turning point in History, we can choose to go the way of duty toward all, or continue deluding ourselves with the short-term prosperity of a tyrannical economy, for the few.

Here in America today, we have become deluded by the name-calling befuddlement that has arisen: �Liberal� or �Conservative�, �Right� or �Left�; none of which really matters. What matters is what we guarantee in our bill of rights to every citizen: �Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness�. If we have denied this to even one citizen then we have failed. How we achieve this, is not important, that we do is. We do not have to look far to see that we have failed miserably � poverty is all around us. To continue to deny this is self-deception, or denial of the American constitution. Government cannot guarantee what it cannot control, therefore we must begin to see that either we will change our basic freedoms and become a de facto tyranny, or gain control of an economy that has caused the denial of our constitutional rights to millions of its citizens.

The gradual and continual erosion of our rights by the administrations we have recently seen come to power only underline the importance, that government gain control of the economy instead of what we are seeing: the control of our government by the economy to preserve and perpetuate the power of special interests.

In America today, the economy has gained control of all the rights that should be in the hands of government. By the creation of invasive technology to deprive citizens of their privacy, and put the economic fate of citizens in the hands of economic institutions, the government has in essence sold out the citizens rights to the highest bidder, further negating the basic rights guaranteed under our bill of rights. The subsequent loss of trust in society has created a society divided amongst itself. Thereby, further diminishing trust in society. Thus an Orwellian atmosphere has been created pitting citizens against government, and creating further division. This is further aggravated by the government�s continual course in bailing out the economy at the expense of citizens. This has recently been seen in the cutting of interest rates, thereby marginalizing the elderly, retired, unemployed and anyone on a fixed income, but bolstering companies, and corporations and speculators.

The course of government is plain: it represents ALL, not some. The economy as it now exists can only represent SOME. There cannot be compromise in law: it either, is stated and enforced; or it does not exist. Our constitution is plain in its guarantees to society and individuals. 2 If it is failing in the support of the rights it guarantees, it does not exist. By continually supporting prosperity only for the few it has negated itself. The elimination of poverty is not a goal in society but the actual reason for society�s existence. If it cannot achieve this, then there is no society, let alone a government.

The �welfare state� that has been continually derogatively used to undermine government control of the economy is not the derogative declaration it seems, but in essence the actual definition of society itself. Society exists to allow the welfare of all its citizens; and government to further society. So, after all of this, we see that what is actually at stake here is survival, where we began. We created our societies to ensure our survival, the survival of each and every one of us. Perhaps if we remember this, maybe we can finally � ��strike dead the base infections our low greeds have bred�




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1 From: �Poems You Ought To Know�, by Elia W. Peattie, Tribune Company, 1902.

2 These rights are the rights of all Human beings as stated in our Declaration of Independence and cannot be denied: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness ... that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute a new government ... as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness." Poverty at the whim of the rich is not conducive to a state of happiness as therein stated in the Declaration of Independence, and certainly not endowed by our creator. It is an abomination and certainly not the choice of those afflicted, but is perpetrated by a system at odds with the very government that at this time in History supports it.

Originally Published:

October 11, 2007


July 4, 2014