...Then What?

Two simple words: �... then what?�, makes us think about just what is in store for us, in the future � a very uncertain economic future!

Think about the price of cars. I remember, when I bought my first new car, in 1972 � a brand new Toyota Corolla, for what I thought was a lot of money then: $3000. Wow, that's practically nothing today, where the cheapest cars run into double digit thousands of dollars! And, in those days, they didn't have all the machines on the assembly lines, they have today. Weren't those machines, and all that modern technology suppose to make the cost of manufacturing cars, cheaper; and consequently, the prices of cars cheaper � I wonder, why it didn't � instead, it inflated it! In fact, most prices seem to be getting more and more inflated: cars, houses, Health Care, groceries � even haircuts! Yet, what is even more worrying is that the Internet has more and more replaced the stores, we used to go to, all the time: department stores, grocery stores, candy stores (I guess only us, �old fossils�, remember those, today) ... all kinds of local corner stores that I use to always frequent, as a kid. But this is even scarier, because that other phenomenon, the Mall, is even starting to feel the effects of this, as more and more empty stores fill these, once, vast panoramas of modern trade. Why is this scary? Because with all these local stores closing, there are fewer and fewer local jobs available in small towns and country places. The Internet is devastating these types of businesses. This isn't good for older people either, since it's these local stores that they need to go to; since many of them aren't proficient with modern technology!1

Also, the Internet doesn't need a lot of living people to keep its businesses going � because technology automates everything, so less humans are needed in commerce. As an aside, then why are the costs, all increasing, instead of decreasing? That's a question people just, sort of, ignore today.

Why, why... why? Because of a single factor: greed! That's something that has gone up significantly today. Again, why? Because the Stock Markets are teaching everyone that greed is good � and, it sure does pay off for them, doesn't it!

Yeah, The Street Of Dreams, where the scammers found out how to make the scam legitimate, by letting everyone else take the losses, while they just printed as much money, as they needed, to make the power of money pay off, through the losses of the common people! Yeah, they win, we lose � big time!

But, it gets even worse, because they even included government in the scam! The very thing, we created to protect us from all of this, has become practically futile, because it must make us pay for it!

Most people don't see this for the swindle that it is. A long time ago � in that time, when �might made right� � people, called War Lords, began gathering armies together to conquer local lands. In time, the lands, they conquered, became vast � whole countries! So, when their soldiers wanted to get paid, they passed this payment collection on to the poor people, they conquered � they taxed them. In time, these people (the War Lords) became the Royals, (even God marked them as special) who some people, even today, still seem to think are something special, instead of the original scoundrels, who made the �commoners� their slaves, through taxes!

That is where taxes began. But what is curious, is that even when Democratic Republics began to express their freedom from these �Royals�, they still thought that government had to be paid for, by the people. Remember: government was now �of, by and for its own people�; in other words, it was all the people, doing things for all of them � the people working for themselves! So, why do we have to pay for the work that we do for ourselves? If any individual did this � pay himself for mowing his own lawn, say � we would think him, "nuts... crazy... a real kook"! But, taxes are not even questioned today! Instead, they are thought of as a benefit, where the rich help the poorer people pay for government, by paying more of their wealth in taxes, since they make more money, then the poorer people do.

Unfortunately, taxes have become something written in stone � unalterable � as the legitimate method to pay for government; and, even further, governments go into debt, borrowing from the rich, to pay for themselves, if the taxes aren't enough to pay for all their costs! So, suddenly, government has acquired a �size�, because of this; and this �size� determines just how big it can be; or, more succinctly, how many of society's problems it can fix, within its "limited" budget.

So, instead of being able to solve all of its society's problems, it can only solve some � and, political parties have formed to determine, which problems, it should solve, according to the political ideology espoused, and the special interests served! Thus, has modern politics come about, based not on the good of society, but the good of special interests, and the purchase of political influence! In other words: �money makes right!�

So, societies have progressed from �might makes right� to �money makes right�; of course, shrouding all of this in the obscurities of political ideologies, instead of the swindle of the special interests of economic favoritism! So, taxes become, in reality, a limit, instead of a solution for their governments. In other words, a method to disable a people from being able to solve their own problems, as a society! So, "...then what?" As, I started this essay, we have now come to the crucial question: �Then what?�

Where do we go from here: austerity, as has been done in the past, instead of fixing problems that need fixing? Let poverty merely increase, as it continues to do for the people on the bottom, who have no other choice; those, who have become the new slaves of our �free� societies?

Perhaps, we should do what the Stock Markets have done: PRINT ALL THE MONEY, WE NEED! Oh, but that's not done! After all, we can't solve the very same problems, we created for ourselves � WHY?

Let's be frank: the freedom in this country is the freedom imposed, and kept by how wealthy you are; in other words, the poor are not free! And, the elimination of elites that that 1776's revolution was suppose to achieve, never happened! Today, money is the only freedom; and this is demonstrated even in government, where money determines the candidates, and, who is finally elected; as we have seen, in the Electoral College's overrule of majority rule, in this latest Presidential election. The freedom of the press, also, does not exist; since, again, money rules even here. What is �reported� is actually �interpreted� by the opinions, expressed by money, which are the only ones presented widely � in other words, the only ones seen by the majority of citizens!

So, instead of slavery being overturned, it has instead, been more widely distributed: to ALL; black, white, red, yellow, male, female and whatever "in between" � indiscriminately, and unbiasedly, in true democratic fashion � slavery is the new name for freedom for the poor; while freedom is practiced only through money, in truly elitist fashion! Democracy has become everything, but what it was intended to be; the reverse of itself, by nullifying government's power to solve problems; but not its power to further raise up the elite, which money created! �of, by and for the people� has been changed into: �of, by and for the money!�

So, then what? Another futile revolution, which, again, ends in the same way; or, perhaps, changing things so the original intent of government is found: unlimitingly, fixing the problems of ALL, in society!

Let's be plain: government is the people of any country, working for themselves; for their society � to solve any problems that that society has. It should be pulled out of the economy; so it can properly make up for what the economy fails to do, to support its society. In this way, it becomes neutral of all special interests, and ensures total employment in that society, since its value is unlimited in scope. In this way, it can let all citizens live at a level above that of impoverishment; and fix all its society's problems, without the limitation that taxes impose. Is this impossible to achieve? No � because we are the source of all our problems, and we can fix whatever we do wrong! This solution will eradicate politics and its ideology; it will eradicate political correctness and special interests. The economy has distorted our way of approaching problems, by putting a price tag on everything. We need to see that there are no price tags on what we do for ourselves through government, as long as the work is done by the people of our own society.

The future is coming at us very fast, in the guise of technology and automation. As these new advances take hold, traditional jobs will start to disappear; and, as usual, it will be those at the bottom that will suffer. Perhaps, even capitalism will have to change to ensure that there are societies that will profit from it; otherwise, the whole structure of capitalism may collapse into authoritarian rule. We must not let that happen.

Capitalism can survive, if we exclude government from it. If we make government what it was suppose to be, instead of one more way to make money for the rich through special interests; we will ensure prosperity for all, instead of just a few, who think of themselves as rulers. WE THE PEOPLE must rule; but that cannot be done as long as capitalism makes so many into slaves. Freedom is not the slavery that the poverty that the economy has created, has made of it; it is the true freedom to choose between viable choices � the true purpose of capitalism and its idea of ownership. Capitalism was an economy made to give all the ability to prosper. It has instead become an aristocratic tyranny, that has even swallowed up democratic ideals. Instead of freedom, it has given us poverty and slavery; and raised up Kings, to rule over us. WE THE PEOPLE has become WE THE SLAVES! So, is it no wonder that crime and addictions have risen to epidemic proportions; that trust has declined, as the trolls and misanthropes have multiplied in the �behind your back�, society, poverty has created? Capitalism has made all of us, our worst enemies, instead of our best friends.2

We created a solution to all of this: government! But, it doesn't work; instead, it just takes sides! Why? BECAUSE IT IS IMMERSED IN THE ECONOMY! Fix this, not with ideology, but by giving it, the unlimited power, it should have, to fix ALL of it's people's problems. Remember: WE have created all our problems ourselves; which means, WE CAN FIX THEM!

�Then what?� can only be answered by us. Let's make it, an answer that truly makes this country, the country of ALL; not the FEW, who have broken all the �Then What?"'s of the past!


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1 This is not saying that this technology isn't a good thing; only, that the jobs lost must be replaced in some way that doesn't require costly higher education. Today, this is being contemplated as a "basic income" for all citizens, without the work requirement. But this can't happen in a society where citizens have to pay for all of this, through the taxes of government. The tax burden, this would generate, would be prohibitive!

2 This flies in the face of Christianity's Golden Rule: "Love your neighbor as yourself!"




Originally Published:

August 25, 2017


August 26, 2017