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I Accuse!

Can American Democracy Survive?

(The Hypocrisy and Contradiction of the Coexistence of Democracy and Capitalism, as we know it, within the Same Society)

[Please note: What I have to say about America below also applies to all the developed countries of the world today. Although I use my own country, where I find the problems to be most advanced, and the real source and origin of these difficulties, as the example, the whole world applies. Also this essay is meant to show that if we do not institute some kind of solution soon, to fix a system that is truly not only destroying our societies, but even our civilizations, then we will truly reap the whirlwind. Capitalism can and must be made into a system to support societies instead of destroy them, as it is presently doing. If democracy is to survive, and the rights of the individual to prevail, then we must create an economic system that is a support to society, not the individual. This seeming paradoxical statement, only emphasizes what the true basis of society is: equity and cooperation. In order to secure the maximum protection and support of the individual, we must make the collective of all citizens our focus. Thus we will avoid the final dissolution of a democratic society into a tyranny, which all former history has shown to be the end result of the greedy system which now infects our societies. * ]

The most important question facing Americans today as we progress into this new millennium, is the question posed above. What has happened to this democracy, which once held out so much hope for our futures that we should even venture to ask such a question?

Look around you America, at the society you have created for your young, in your unending quest to fill your pockets and your bank accounts. Do you feel safe? Do you trust your neighbors? Do you trust your own government? As your credit cards� bills grow forever exponentially, along with the never-ending car and mortgage payments, do you feel that shimmering phantasm of the American dream grow progressively fainter and fainter? As the gas and fuel bills spiral out of control doesn�t it give you a warm and fuzzy feeling all over to know that you have such a FREE economy working so hard to bankrupt you? As the media snoops, gossips and slanderers get more and more outrageous; as these self important parasites and predators and general low life slime pry and slither into the recesses of private lives that don�t concern them, and cause so much hurt and misery, so they can become famous and bask in the public limelight for their ten minutes of fame, is it no wonder that the very things they investigate happen, or that our society only becomes fouler, as these foul creatures of the night erode the final trust and privacy we once so dearly treasured? As our prisons, already packed to the gills, continue to become ever more filled, doesn�t it feel good to know that in twenty years from now almost every other person you meet will be an ex-con? As the bill of rights becomes more and more a contradiction of the very government that created it, doesn�t it feel reassuring that the FBI has spent a billion dollars of your money to create a database to tract your every move, while at the same time millions of illegal aliens enter our country totally unknown to anyone? While the spy satellites take pictures of our movements, and the security cameras document our every action, doesn�t it feel good to know that the rent-a-cops that make ten dollars an hour are guarding your security and privacy with so much diligence, or that some TSA flunkey can trash your reputation without you even knowing it?

Where is that freedom that once we cherished so dearly? It has become license!

Where is the pride in our military that once a proud nation boasted of, as all our finest young men stood up for the draft? It has disappeared, as has the draft! If we would make war with others, then can we not at least be the very ones to fight those wars? Or has the habit of buying and selling so corrupted us that we merely think that we can buy our way out of everything; even to the point of buying those that would fight and die for us? Or has perhaps our money made us a race of cowards?

As the cesspools of our cities become ever vaster; as we become everyday more a society of but two classes: the haves, and the have-nots; of but two types: masters of the universe and slaves; as the snoops, the gossips, the slanders, the pimps, the harlots, and the used-car salesmen multiply out of control; as the minds of our children are eroded with the slime beamed down from the billion dollar space technology we have funded, or the violent video games that change our young into sick gun totting murderers; as the computer technologies we have created have been perverted into the new frontier of duplicity, slander and vindictive foul play; as our colleges, once the sacred halls of learning and the pride of scholars have been turned into the dens of the money changers, and the temples of the pseudo-science of economics; as our people become more and more alienated and estranged by religions that preach hate and prejudice, instead of love and unity; as our hopes, our dreams, our very futures have been put into the hands the evil empires and of huge multinational monopolies that now control all the nations of the world; as the dollar sign becomes the only meaning and purpose of life� has Democracy failed us?

No! Not Democracy�but Capitalism!

They are not the same. In fact what has become the capitalism of today is the very antithesis of democracy! Democracy is based on RESPONSIBLE FREEDOM or EQUITY and COOPERATION while the corrupt form of capitalism we have spawned is based on UNLIMITED LICENSE or GREED, and COMPETITION!

We must come to grips with the real problem in the world today � business is destroying our societies!

Does that mean that we should abandon capitalism�No! We must reform it! We must make it into what it can and must be� a system based on the same principles we have based our society on � equity and cooperation.

The corrupt capitalism we have spawned is eating up our very society; turning neighbors against neighbors in unending battles for survival. It has made our former palaces, our cities, into battle zones. It has eroded all our trust in each other and our very government. It has changed our justice system into a place where justice is bought or bargained for. It has created wealthy masters who control all our government officials and therefore control us. What is even worse, it is spreading throughout the world like a plague, infecting the third world with the bane of globalization, or global slavery.

There is enough on this earth to provide for all equitably. There is no excuse for the poverty, misery and decrepitude that currently exist on this earth. Every nation on this earth must become responsible for the people of its nation. We must abandon a global economy� it doesn�t work. We must break up the global monopolies and the global corporations, and make every company and corporation responsible to the nation it originated in. We must outlaw all foreign investors and foreign property owners� every nation must be owned by its own people. We must give every democracy on the earth back to its people, and take it out of the hands of the foreign interests. Corporations and companies must be limited in their size and influence. The wealthy must be taxed to limit their wealth and influence, in fact, to the point that they will find wealth to be a burden and shun it. Energy resources that are needed by all, must be internationally controlled and rationed. Nations must control the populations of their nations by allowing only a reasonable number of offspring per family, at least until all can be equitably taken care of. Every nation must create a minimal prosperity level for every one of its families.

We must create a new mindset, a new way of viewing the reality we have created, outside of the brainwashed viewpoint that capitalism has coerced on us. We must open up free discussion and see that the urban blight, and the poverty and misery that exist today in free societies everywhere are not inevitable, but are the result of the vicious, tyranical economic system we have come to think of as the only viable one. What I suggest is just a beginning, a stab at perhaps better ways. These are only suggestions, but we must find a way to stop the insanity of this truly evil economic system before it destroys us, and our earth. We must reform capitalism, not by banning private property, or destroying democracy and local representation, but by instilling responsible freedom and cooperation between citizens. Lets rid ourselves of the predators and parasites that capitalism has created, and find a way to better all our lives, and build an America and a world that we can all share and be proud of.


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* We might view the current variety of capitalism as a �parasitical infestation� of democratic ideals. It is a horrible misinterpretation of �freedom� that has hitched a ride on the back of the responsible freedom democracy offers. It is the disease of greed posing as something �good�. As usual all the freeloaders and human parasites have taken up its ways, and further disguised it to the point that we have actually accepted it as an integral and inevitable part of democracy. We have allowed its poison to enter our schools and universities, and set up the psuedoscience of greed as the "respectable" discipline of economics. And we have allowed it to remove all freedom from our government and replace it with its �preference of wealth�. We have allowed it to turn a democracy that represents all, into a plutocracy that represents only a few.

Blinded by its delusions of prosperity and the hope of "something for nothing", we have been duped by the lure of its "gambler's mentality" to become oblivious to its true nature and results; and we have allowed "the masters of the universe", their evil empires, and their human parasites to enslave us for their benefit.

As is usual, it will in the end destroy itself as all greed eventually does. But as is also, �the usual�, it will cause a great deal of harm, and misery before it does.

Mankind never seems to learn that there is nothing in this world that does not have to be paid for eventually. There is never �something for nothing�, when something is increased, something else is decreased. To blindly ignore the �decreases�, and the misery they cause is the supreme stupidity of a society that has replaced real love with the contractual love of a tyrant God immersed in the false ideas of the parasitical aristocracy that has created Him. They have turned black into white and vice versa; just as they have turned the good into the evils of greed, love into hate, unity into separation, and equality into elitism. But their biggest hoax is that they have conned us into believing that all of this is correct, and inevitably the "only" way. For more on this see: HERE!


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Originally Published:

January 7, 2008


June 26, 2014