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Zola's famous: I Accuse

Preface to the J'accuse 1 Essays

(The Various Hypocrisies of Today's Societies) 2

�Iron rusts from disuse,
stagnant water loses its purity and in cold weather becomes frozen;
even so does inaction sap the vigors of the mind.

Leonardo Da Vinci 1452-1519

�If we begin with certainties,
we shall end in doubts;
but if we begin with doubts,
and are patient in them,
we shall end in certainties."

Bacon 1561-1626

�Laissez faire et laissez passer!
Au contraire:
Laissez faire la misere,
laissez passer la mort!"

By way of the school of J. C. L. de Sismondi 1773-1842

In remembrance of one man�s fight against discrimination, and the ruthless "special interests" of both Church and State, in the famed Dreyfus Scandal, which rocked France some one hundred years ago, I name these essays, which lay bare the various hypocrisies of our society, after the famed headlines in the Journal �L'Aurore� that began with: �J�accuse!�, I accuse!

As Zola knew, in fighting the vicious, the slanderer, the treacherous, the fanatical bigot and the cowardly pernicious, who hide in anonymity, there is but one way: exposure. In the light of truth, they shrivel back into the dark recesses from which they emerged. But unlike The Count of Monte Cristo 3 , I seek no revenge against individuals, but only knowledge of the insidious processes that have produced them, the hurt they cause others, their abundance in current society and the foul societies that produce so much misery through the disparity they build. And these essays bring them into the light of reason, and the cold facts of logic, where the obfuscation and confusion of their purposeful indirection, no longer hold their own.

Most of these essays I presented earlier in the Government, Resources and Society section of The Philosophy of the GOOD, and in the Series of Essays on Love. I have reintroduced them here, with new subtitles, as a more fitting place, as to their unity of purpose and style, and as they expose the effects of the vicious hypocrisies that are presently perverting our free societies. The last two essays are new ones written especially for this series.

As Zola did some hundred years ago, so I do now, in laying bare the hypocrisies of our present society...

I accuse YOU, Society, of the following:

The Hypocrisy of Making Poverty the Failure of the Individual, instead of the Failure of Society

The Hypocrisy of Making Wealth the Goal of Life

The Many Hypocrisies and Delusions of Capitalism

The Hypocrisy and Contradiction of the Coexistence of Democracy and Capitalism, as we know it, within the Same Society

The Hypocrisy of Religions that Offer only a Single Approach to God

The Hypocrisy of a 'Freedom' based on Preference     NEW ESSAY!

The Hypocrisy of a Morality that results in Elitism    NEW ESSAY!

And I challenge you, leaders of the world, both spiritual and secular, and the, so far, ineffectual UN (the current illusion of "World Government" that Caesar so long ago envisioned), to implement the solutions necessary to save our societies from the hypocrisies the disease of greed has brought down on them, before the chaos overwhelming them, leads to the eventual tyrannies that history has unendingly brought us!


NEW Important Addendum:

An Open Letter to the Government of the United States of America


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1 In 1898, in France, Alfred Dreyfus a Jewish Artillery Officer, was convicted on trumped up charges of espionage, and sent to Devil�s Island for life imprisonment. Emil Zola, the famed novelist, accused the Military High Command of Obstruction of Justice and anti-Semitism in an open letter to the President of France, in the Paris Newspaper �L�Aurore�; the headlines began with the dramatic line �J�accuse!�, "I accuse!".

The Dreyfus affair, as it was called, finally ended in complete vindication of Dreyfus, and changed the face of France, in that it paved the way for civil rights for all citizens, and separation of Church and State.

Unfortunately, the outcome for the intrepid Zola was not favorable. In 1902, four years after his famed headlines threw France into social turmoil, the author died of carbon monoxide poisoning, due to a stopped up chimney; which many still to this day say was a foul murder caused by his political enemies.

2 Although I often single out the United States of America in these essays, I feel that all "free" societies in the developed world, are also implied, since all have more or less followed America's lead; and also since the same religious institutions are involved, although, perhaps with not quite as much diversity as is shown in America.

3 This was the unfortunate sea Captain imprisoned in the Chateau d�If for life, through a conspiracy of slanderers, on whom he later revenged himself, as the Count of Monte Cristo. In Alexandre Dumas� novel: �The Count of Monte Cristo�.



Originally Published:

July 16, 2009


June 22, 2014