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Freedom, Democracy and Economics

(The Many Hypocrisies and Delusions of Capitalism)

It is not my purpose in the following essay, or in any other essays on this site, to promote or foster any system or ideology; still more, to cause division or even more separations in societies already so disunited. It is my purpose to declare and herald to all people of good will certain glaring contradictions and outright evils that have corrupted our societies. Only by acknowledging these evils that divide one people into many, and threaten our welfare and the welfare of our future generations, will we together find answers to our problems. Rich, poor and in between, none of us, will have real security until we wipe out inequity at all levels; we can only accomplish this together. Economics is today a University discipline, as such it must also become a moral discipline; and set itself the task of ethically fixing the amoral system it promotes.

[Added: December 24, 2007] Like any science (even social sciences), the set of elementary assumptions, which form the logical basis of further deduction, is a set of consistent axioms, which allow deduction to further produce the theorems which are based on these axioms. As was shown by the non-Euclidean geometries, a deductive system can be constructed on just about any consistent set of axioms. These axioms in the case of Euclidean geometry were essentially inductively produced, as are say the assumptions of a social science such as Economics. But the assumptions of Economics are based on the societal behavior, which has grown through the influence of certain groups of special interests. These have been erroneously assumed to be the norm. There are other basic assumption sets which can be introduced to base the whole deductive system on assumptions which are more in line with the basic societal instincts of society, instead of the selfish interests of special groups. As in the case of the non-Euclidean geometries, it is the duty of economists to introduce these new sets of basic assumptions and create new deductive systems upon them to further the moral and societal duties of any science, or system of knowledge.

If Economics would truly be a science, the science of the creation and distribution of the resources of mankind�s needs for the benefit of its societies, then it must look at the primitive self-centered behaviors, which it takes as its basic postulates as the prehistoric remnants of a failed system. It must create the new postulates upon which to build the future of mankind�s prosperity, through incorporating the basic postulates of society itself into the very foundation of its system. This will make Economics a truly scientific system through which man can handle the needs of society, in unerring methods that guarantee the resources needed to all at any time, under any situation. This is the challenge that Economics must fulfill if it is ever to move beyond the primitive greed based rules of thumb it now embraces, and perhaps, become the foundation science of mankind�s bright future. It is up to you, economists, to work towards this end, or continue being the mere handmaidens of mankind�s ultimate failure.

The governments of the free world today, are all based on democracies, which espouse the rights of the individual, and the concepts of equity and cooperation as the basis upon which society itself is founded. Unfortunately this, 'so called', free world relies on an economic system, which is based on greed or selfishness, and competition as the driving force of a system that creates inequity on every level. 1 The results are prosperity for certain groups, and misery and essentially slavery for the rest. The 'so called' free trade that this system touts is a phantasm, that is a charade for the actual control of this system by the wealthy, and their proxy multi-national monopolies which manipulate the supply and demand that drives this whole economic fiasco. 2 But the threat of Capitalism is becoming even worse. Capitalists are even trying to limit the private ownership of property, making the prices of necessities (e.g. homes and cars etc.) so high that the people will no longer own these things, but be constantly paying for these things through out their lives in leases to them. This, coupled with planned obsolescence of items, will ensure the slavery and indebtedness of the poor and middle classes.

Yet this global economic monopoly of the rich that is pawned off onto the world as a 'so called', free economic system has indeed even more serious consequences for both society and individual citizens.

By creating a society that thrives on intra-societal competition it actually has corrupted the very fabric of society itself. Further, the very basis of society, the family, has also suffered from the effects of the division and fragmentation, which this intra-societal competition has created. I shall now discuss in turn each of the detrimental effects caused by this nefarious capitalistic economic system, on human society.

First I will discuss the effects of the inequity and competition that this system breeds on the family, the molecular unit of human society.

The family is the essential glue, which holds all society together. It is irreplaceable in its capacity as the "rearing ground" for the children that will form the citizens of any democracy. The three ingredients that the family needs to correctly rear these new citizens are: love, trust and cooperation. Love is the most essential ingredient in that it represents the most fundamental factor in creating a trust, which will bind the child to the family, and in turn his society. The trust implanted further creates a spirit of cooperation upon which society relies to create its loyal citizenry. Today the economic effects of the capitalistic system are eroding this trust by creating an unsafe familial environment. The parent�s first mission is to create a safe "nest" for their children. Today, because of the financial strain which the economy is subjecting both the middle and lower class families to, the economy has in effect destroyed this familial trust by creating a fragmented family, where parents are so hard pressed to provide a secure environment that they are working constantly, and are consequently becoming strangers to their young. This fragmentation and the resultant loss of love at the most critical periods in the rearing environment cause a loss of trust in the children and an alienation from the family itself. Further the precarious financial conditions existing in many middle class families, whereby they are "hanging out on the edge of a financial precipice", created by the predatory lending and credit industries, which have grown up in this predatory economy, allows these families to lose all trust in the government that has allowed such conditions to grow.

In the lowest classes of society, these conditions are causing the complete dissolution of families, with the resultant alienation of children who grow up in literally "combat zones" of the inner cities of America and now even Europe. The results are, individual alienation, family fragmentation and migration of both. Also, An increase in the one parent family, displaced children, and the growth of crime and the desperate flight to compensatory drug addiction are becoming a threat to all levels of society by the effects they are having on the work force, and welfare agencies, which are trying to cope with this tremendous breakdown of society.

But to even further complicate and corrupt this situation is the effect that this predatory spirit of competition is also being endorsed and spread in the school systems, which use intra-societal competition to pit one student against another. 3 Competition has become the all out process by which the schools rate, evaluate and essentially judge their charges. This results in the overall loss of all cooperative spirit and drive, and instead instills an aggressive and defensive attitude, which allows the student to see his fellow students as competitors. Coupled with the production of wealth as the only real essence of life, this leads students to the following of cheating, duplicity and vindictive behavior as the correct social attitude; all of this being further reinforced by a media and popular culture which show that this way of life actually pays off.

As a result schools have become essentially either "gladiator academies", or "lockdown" prisons instead of the pleasant and bountiful institutions of learning that induce the curiosity and educational incentives that the enjoyment of learning should induce; not to mention the camaraderie and cooperation that society must thrive on.

But even further, this intra-societal competition has invaded every aspect of our society. The media and publishing institutions, and the commercial and credit industries, which are completely controlled by the special interests towards the propagation of this system, have essentially eliminated all trust in society by destroying the privacy of all citizens. Privacy has become linked to credit and credit reporting, therefore allowing the trust of society to be incorporated into the corrupt economic system, which now actually exerts control over all citizens in the nation. Thus our very rights as individuals under a democracy has become marginalized and precariously balanced through the monopoly of the rich. Indeed the freedom guaranteed under our bill of rights, has been usurped by this greedy system, and its tyrannical masters.

If the very fabric of society has been corrupted by this system, there is little need to show its effects on its inter-societal developments. The constant and unrelenting wars that have grown exponentially since the latter part of the nineteenth century, which issued in the runaway growth of capitalism, shows that this system and the combative and aggressive state it represents, has already resulted in the twentieth century being the bloodiest century of all times on the face of this earth. The causes of these results have been the corruption of the democracies of the world by this very system, which in turn have led to all out tyrannies, like Fascism and Communism.

Other systems that man has introduced to alleviate the inequity and competition that are the bane of this system have failed to replace it. Why; simply because they have failed to realize that any system which is instituted must be in line with the basic tenants of all society; these basic tenants are equity and cooperation.

We have found an equitable governmental system, democracy, which will allow men to share control of their society amongst all, and still guarantee individual rights. In addition to this, we must now find a way to develop an economy that is both equitable, and that instills the cooperation that will promote society. 4

Any system implemented must create a minimum security (see essay on Utopia of the Good) to allow the family unit to grow in the most favorable environment.

All school systems under this system must be based on trust and cooperation, to further the growth of responsible and secure students who feel themselves to be a part of the whole citizen population, and perceive the value of their contribution.

Any system implemented, must equitably allow the distribution of wealth; only the government can handle this distribution both equitably, and under the supervision of all.

I feel that if these basic assumptions are fulfilled we may be able to rid ourselves of the bane of this tyrannical economic system that has plagued mankind since its inception, and still create the prosperity that will include not only a few, but all humans.



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1 This glaring contradiction between the two systems, has always been conveniently ignored because of the fable that capitalism promotes a free trade. But the trade is not free since it is controlled by supply and demand, which is easily manipulated by the ultra-rich, and their monopolies. This leads to value fixing in the market place. Without government controls, which are avoided by creating "international" combines, a monopolization of segments of the market place leads to the ultimate profit making racket. The illegal drug trades have mimicked capitalism, and are essentially identical except for the illegality of their product. Notice that the human bondage of pornography has become a legitimate marketplace in the United States, which is continually growing. The destruction of human lives means essentially nothing to these gluttons, or a hypocritical society that looks the other way when money is to be made. A society that makes an outcry about child pornography, but does nothing about older children over 18 destroying their lives, for money.

[Added December 17, 2007] Another thing that must be emphasized is that the creation of equity does not necessarily entail the elimination of private property; in fact, private property and privacy are the most important part of the minimum security, I have mentioned. All people need to have their own domains, it is a right society must grant- the problem is �how much� is enough and �how much is too much�.

Both Democracy and Capitalism are indeed based on freedom. The freedom that Democracy represents is a responsible freedom, while the freedom of Capitalism is license. Responsible freedom is a freedom that is limited by not depriving anyone else of freedom. The form of Capitalism we now possess allows anyone to do anything they like in the pursuit of gain, it is devoid of restraint, and therefore lives outside of human morality.

2 This system uses the chance of prosperity to beguile people into the belief that this is a tenable system; in actuality it is no better than a crooked roulette wheel in the apportioning of wealth. The system is fixed to make wealth and connections to wealth a primary contributor to lessening the chance of failure. The ultra-wealthy have complete control, in that they can manipulate the system by causing shortages and gluts and thereby control their gains. The system is premised on inequity, since there must be failures in order to procure success.

3 This intra-societal competition is quite different than competition against a standard of merit. Competition against a standard allows people to gauge themselves through merit and cooperative learning; intra-societal competition forces people to see others as adversaries in actual competition for survival. This pits citizens against each other for gaining employment and security for their families. Today it is also alienating our old, who because of longer life spans can have a place in the work place much longer than before; but instead they are finding they are competing against the young, and people who look on the old as a handicap.

4 Charity has become the way in which society makes up for the inequity of Capitalism. This is an affront to the people it tries to aid. People don�t want to be looked on as some kind of failure, that a benevolent superior being takes mercy on through charity; they want to be functioning and contributing members of society, with dignity and worth. A system that haphazardly destroys, and then fixes matters by degrading those destroyed, is acting hypocritically, in this half hearted act of so called generosity. Instead of fixing the broken system, it creates only more problems and resentment, with its inadequate solution. Now, volunteerism has been added to this. Is this supposed to make up for the prejudice against older workers? Together these are mere band-aids on a gangrenous wound!

Don�t misconstrue me here, Charity and Volunteerism are not bad in themselves, and now they are definitely needed; what is bad is that the capitalists are using them to keep the cause of all the problems from being fixed!

What is even worse is that religion has adopted charity as its handmaiden, instead of trying to force society, through government, to assume its responsibility to provide the prosperity it is suppose to provide to all its members. This really shows how corrupt and hypocritical the religious "governments" and their bureaucracies have become. They use poverty as a lever to make people believe that they are at fault, and therefore use guilt as a psychological tool to coerce people into their dogmatism. Thus religion has become the further tool of the "Aristocracy of the rich" to fuel its evil empires, with the slaves it needs to function upon.

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December 13, 2007


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