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Sociology and Social Theory

�I have given orders to my Death
Units to exterminate without
mercy or pity men, women and
children belonging to the Polish-speaking race. It is only
in this manner that we can
acquire the vital territory which
we need. After all, who
remembers today the extermination of the Armenians?" 1

Adolph Hitler, 22 August 1939

I originally happened onto my thoughts on society when I was writing my novel on the young Julius Caesar. I came across various situations in the society of the Late Roman Republic, which duplicated our own. A runaway capitalism, and entrepreneurial spirit flourished then as now, although the capital was not hard wealth, but living wealth, slaves and conquests. Caesar�s attempted solutions in later life matched the rationale then existing: might makes right. Caesar failed in his solutions because there was no way to change the civilization he then lived in; and society creates the customs or mores according to which people live. Caesar pursued ways similar to the ways the founding fathers of his country followed, not the decadence of the time he lived in. This got me to writing on a theory, which I thought might bridge the gap that many previous social theories approached but never seemed to find an answer to. So lets get back into the modern era and see what problems there are.

The end of the nineteenth century, and the beginning of the twentieth century issued in many new ideas and social theories, all of which were implemented supposedly to better society. Liberalism, Bolshevism, Anarchism, Fascism, and the totalitarian state under the Nazis, were new ways to bring order to the mess that society was in. Along with this was the rise of sociology, a social science to order and allow the prediction of social phenomenon. The result was the bloodiest and most savage era of human History ever known. Instead of curing the ills of society it allowed societies to become the basis and excuse for the extermination of large segments of its populations, and the cause of human suffering of so great an extent that we cannot even conceive of it, let alone describe it. There were no good guys or bad guys in all of this; no society can look back on that time and say they were right or not guilty of atrocities. Finger pointing will not do; ALL WERE WRONG. When human beings can only right their ills through mass extermination then there is something rotten in humanity. When humanity looks on others as not the same for some reason; creates distinctions between peoples, for not being this or that; deems people proper for elimination because they do not believe the same as others, then we must look for the elements that cause such a disease in humanity and wipe it out; not through extermination or punishment but through containment and reason. At the end of the First World War, people said we will never let this happen again, and twenty-two years later it did happen again. Why? Because the poverty and misery, and class distinctions that caused it were not eliminated, in fact, they were only worsened. The same happened again after the Second World War. Economics yet again intervened, and the Korean War resulted, then Viet Nam for the US, and Afghanistan for Russia. One bloodbath after another, but nothing was done to cure the cause � poverty and social inequality. At root the problem is not even a sociological problem but an economic one. Wealth leads to bondage; bondage leads to poverty; poverty leads to misery and suffering and eventually war.

This new millennium is already starting in the same direction. The rottenness in humanity has not abated or even changed in any way. It is just as perverse and delusional as it has always been; and in a way it is even far worse, since now these societies don�t even pretend to stand up for human rights or the downtrodden; all they see is the profit margin or the financial gain. We are already dividing ourselves up into armed camps, east and west, looking for the excuse for a Third World War. The irresponsible leaders of the world, and the ineffectual UN, are causing more problems then solutions. They are ignoring people all together and looking only to economics. They ignore the poverty and misery in this world entirely, and wonder where all the trouble is issuing from. They cannot even see as far back as the last World War; and see the same similarities forming up yet again, and the economic cause for another World War looming ever closer.

Religions don�t help matters by condoning Charity, which indirectly condones the bondage of social classes. They are either too stupid, or more likely too greedy themselves to see that classless societies are the very thing Religions must endorse, and that Christ himself frowned on the economic division of man. Classlessness is not Communism or anything but the acknowledgement that all people are of equal worth and potential. The very thing Christ emphasized in the Sermon on the Mount. Atheism has grown to such an extent because of the very fact that Religions have failed to find the spiritual solution that is needed for the societal problems of man. When man finally truly accepts all others as brothers and sisters without judgment, but with respect and love, then our societal problems will be over. But alas, I won�t hold my breath waiting for compliance, since the direction of the religious groups seems to be encased in the concrete of stupidity; or the worship of a two thousand year old book, instead of a God that is alive today and wondering why the Church he created has become legion instead of one.

When whole societies have become delusional; when even the evident is ignored or swept aside; but yet again the same course as History has shown time and again to be upon us, is pressing down on us, what are we to do?

I took up thinking and writing. I said, if people will understand the facts and see the evident contradictions, they will, perhaps, begin to do their own thinking. They will begin to cure the delusions in their own societies by changing their leadership or changing the minds of their leaders. They will see through the shams of name calling, and see the problems that really need to be fixed, and address them, instead of following party politics that only follow the benefit of the wealthy or their corporations.

The problems are plain: widespread poverty and misery and social class unrest.

The solution isn�t plain. But it can�t just be pushed under the rug and forgotten. It needs to be truly confronted. We can�t cure it by extermination. We can cure it by living up to the responsible duties that Democracy confers on us. The special interests won�t like it, to be sure; but then that�s part of the problem: Democracies were not created for the special interests of the few; they were created to provide prosperity for ALL. If we would spread Democracy through the world then spread the true Democracy, not the perverse kind. We are now spreading not Democracy, but capitalism. We are spreading greed and everything that goes with it. We are spreading the seeds of discord and eventually future wars.

The economy that has become modern capitalism is a pretense for a scheme to enrich the wealthy and their wannabes. The scenario runs as follows: The rich capitalist creates a market for a product or service through investing his borrowed capital; he creates an artificial short-lived demand for this product through promotion. He goes public and sells shares. The new �industry� takes off and jobs are created. He pulls in as much profit as possible, and when the industry shows signs of sagging pulls the plug and gets out. The result is he enriches himself and moves on to something else. The result for society is misery and privation for his employees and their families and further drain on government funds to keep more jobless families afloat. Multiply this by hundreds of thousands, and you get the idea of the roulette wheel type economy that our societal survival has now become dependent on. Add to this the further hurt inflicted on people on fixed incomes, pensioners, disabled or unemployed, when the government �bails out� the economy by lowering interest rates to help the process continue. This �gambling mentality� is the basis of our whole economy; the lifeblood of our society! Is this not the greed of the few creating the destiny of all? Can you not see that when the process finally plays itself out, depression, widespread misery and discontent end up in war? Just so the same gluttons can play their game again with our lives! Is this the FREE economy we created? Is this anything like the Democracy we created to represent all! Yet this tyrannical system has overruled our Democracy, and our politicians have furthered it. This has been our past history, and will be our future, unless we fix it.

Class distinction is another basic problem: It is Human bondage pure and simple. If we tolerate it then we are giving in to the disease that causes all the wars. If we allow it then we are not truly a Democracy. We must fix our constitution and eliminate one word that is the problem that has caused all the trouble for mankind in other societies. This word is �created�. We are all �created� equal should be: we are all equal! 2 We must find a way to allow a classless Democracy, 3 not through Communism, or any other system, or the elimination of private property, but through a free system that promotes our form of government, a system where there are no losers.

In the following Essays I will discuss these things and show the delusions that have been foisted on us by an economic system that is a contradiction not only to Democracy, but also to society itself. My solutions are first steps, not ironclad solutions. But we must understand that if we are truly adherents to Democracy then we must see that continual adherence to an economic system that only provides for some, is a flaw we must correct, somehow � otherwise we WILL eventually destroy ourselves.




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1 One method used too often to handle the problems of Society. From: a page entitled: "The Legacy of World War I" in the book, "World War I" by David Shermer, Octopus Books, Limited, 1973.

2 This phrase is used in the Declaration of Independence, but is implied in our Constitution. In any case, intrinsic human worth must not be shoved aside by the prospects of gain, and that is what is implied by the word "created".

3 Financial class distinction is associated with the bondage of poverty. Financial classes are probably the worst way of classifying human worth. The wealth a person has in this society is many times only the result of chance or even amoral behavior. If we must classify people at all then it should be according to merit or service to society. But in any case we must do away with poverty, and the misery that goes with it. By allowing the minimal prosperty to merge the lowest classes with the middle class, and proper taxation of the rich we can achieve a single middle class, probably better off than the one we currently have. Especially since private property will be real private property, without leases or taxes of any kind.

Originally Published:

February 27, 2008


July 4, 2014